All things that you will need for your CloudTour! This is a live document and we are continually updating and adding more information. Something missing or need more information? Please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Please note this Help Guide is for tours created from December 2020. If your tour was created prior to December 2020, you may be looking for this help guide instead.

Start Here

For an overview of the CloudTour CMS including how to login, add information hotspots and update the menu, we recommend watching the video below.

Editing Your CloudTour

How to access the CloudTour CMS (Content Management System)

Add and edit hotspots

Uploading and using media

Editing and managing panoramas

Editing menu categories

Sharing and Embedding Your CloudTour

Add to a website

Sharing on social media

Take images from 360-degree photos

Google Street View

Add to a website

Share with a link

Arrows not connecting